windows server 19 standard key global

windows server 19 standard key global


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Windows Server 2019 is here. Get the cloud-ready operating system today to apply another levels of security and innovation to the applications and infrastructure, that power your business. Support the workloads you run today, and make it easier to move to the cloud, when you’re ready. Product Features Built-in security – Enhance security and reduce risk with multiple layers of protection, built into the operating system. Evolve your datacenter – Save money and gain flexibility with software-defined compute, storage, and networking technologies, inspired by MS Azure. Innovate faster – Use improved technologies, such as Windows containers and Nano Server, for another ways to deploy and run on-premises and cloud-based apps.

Global key for PC.

You will be unable to activate the downloaded Eval copy.  It has to be converted to a non-Eval version. To do so:

  1. Use, Start, Run, CMD (Administrator Mode); Enter

            DISM /online /Get-CurrentEdition

   to see what your Edition ID is.  It generally is ServerStandardEval.

  1. To convert this to ServerStandard with the above Product Key, at the CMD prompt input:

            DISM /online /Set-Edition:ServerStandard /ProductKey:<YourKey> /AcceptEula


NOTE: DISM is picky about where you use and don’t use spaces:

            There should always be a space before a /

            There should never be a space after a / or a :

A ” /” indicates the start of a switch.  The “:” indicates the start of an argument for that switch

After inputting the second command it will insert your Product Key and change it from a ServerStandardEval to a ServerStandard copy.

However, it will appear to hang with only 10% complete.  Just restart the machine anyway.

After another considerable anxious wait your machine will restart.  You can then activate it normally.


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